Self-Pay Options

We recognize that not everyone has health insurance or some patients may be in a position where they suddenly lose insurance coverage or their insurance plan changes to a plan that we no longer accept.  We want to do whatever we can to retain you as a patient and still provide you with affordable care for whatever your needs may be. 

We make every effort to keep your costs low by giving you estimates on all types of procedure options available as well as utilizing specialty pharmacies that offer low cash prices for medications you may require.  Our staff is happy to assist you if you have any questions about pricing prior to your visit.

  • New Patient Evaluation $100-$200
  • New Patient Full Skin Exam $150
  • Established Patient Evaluation $85-$150
  • Established Patient Full Skin Exam $105-$150
  • Established Patient Full Skin Exam $105-$150
  • Skin Biopsy (1st lesion) $150
  • Additional Skin Biopsies $55-$200
  • Complete Shave Removal (moles, neurofibromas, etc.) $150-300
  • Destruction of 1st Premalignant Lesion with Cryotherapy $200

    Destruction of 2-14th additional Premalignant Lesions = $10 each

  • Destruction of more than 14 Premalignant Lesions with Cryotherapy $275
  • Destruction of less than 15 Benign Growths (keratoses, tags, etc.) $200
  • Destruction of 15-30 Benign Growths (keratoses, tags, etc.) $250
  • Standard Excision of Large Cysts, Lipomas, Skin Cancers $500+

*Please note that all biopsies/shave removals/excisions are sent to an outside pathology lab for testing and you may be subject to additional fees from that lab*