Vasculaze is a laser treatment option for minimizing the appearance of visible spider veins on the face and body that cause people to feel self-conscious.

Vascular lesions like telangiectasia and spider veins are incredibly common and tend to increase in size and frequency as we get older. Fortunately, with Vasculaze at Derrow Dermatology, a solution is available to minimize the appearance of these various types of pesky veins in different areas of the body. Vasculaze has been proven to treat facial veins, spider veins on the legs, angiomas, and more. It is also a wonderful follow-up treatment to sclerotherapy to clean up any residual tiny veins that are resistant to Asclera. As of now, however, it should be noted that bulging varicose veins are too large to be treated with Vasculaze and typically require referral to a vascular surgeon.

Vasculaze treatment areas

Vasculaze is a proven effective treatment for the following areas:

  • face
  • upper neckline
  • arms
  • upper thighs
  • lower legs

Talk to an expert at Derrow Dermatology and see if your area of desired treatment can be helped with Vasculaze!

Vasculaze process

Vasculaze sessions utilize a specialized handheld laser device. This device emits laser light energy pulses into the pigment of the veins being treated. This damages the veins to the point that they are no longer able to function and carry blood. Once this is accomplished, the blood then reroutes to healthier veins, causing the treatment veins to die out and lose their visibility.

The process is similar for other types of vascular lesions. Laser light energy pulses break up pigments so that the lesions can be absorbed into the body, again effectively disappearing visually.

Treatment times vary on the size of the treatment areas.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of Vasculaze treatments needed with Derrow Dermatology is dependent on the severity of the treatment area. Most treatments require three or more sessions to achieve maximum results.

After the first treatment you should see some results right away, as the skin will look clearer immediately after the laser breaks up the pigments. As time progresses and additional treatments are done, the veins being treated should continue to die off and be absorbed into the body.

What is the recovery time for Vasculaze?

Vasculaze is a quick procedure, only taking a few seconds for each vein being treated. Some patients can be in and out of Derrow Dermatology in only a few minutes.

Depending on the severity of the treatment area, an expert may encourage a few days, or up to a week, avoiding strenuous exercise. This is to avoid activities that encourage heavy blood flow to your treatment area that may worsen the post-procedure bruising.

Additionally, it is wise to keep your treatment area covered from the sun for a few days, and protect your treatment area with sunscreen if you must expose the skin.

How do I get started with Vasculaze?

As always, the first step on your treatment journey starts with a consultation with Derrow Dermatology. Here, an expert will go over the process, determine whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure, and develop a schedule depending on how many treatments are deemed necessary.

Call for a consultation today!