Look Book (Before & After)

Spider Veins
Spider-Veins-Case-A-before rev Spider-Veins-Case-A-after rev

Treated with two rounds of Asclera injections.

CoolSculpting for the Arms
CoolSculpting-for-the-Arms-Case-A-before rev CoolSculpting-for-the-Arms-Case-A-after rev

4 cycles, 2 sessions done 8 weeks apart.

Chemical Peel A Before rev Chemical Peel A After rev

Photo shows results after 4 treatments.

Chemical Peel B Before rev Chemical Peel B After revised

Photo shows results after 4 treatments.

Evolve Transform & Morpheus Body
Evolve Transform & Morpheus Body Before rev Evolve Transform & Morpheus Body After rev

Client received 8 treatments of Evolve Transform and 2 treatments of Morpheus Body.

Morpheus Treatment
Patient pictures at baseline and again after Morpheus8 treatments 1, 2, 3, respectively
Chemical Peels
SkinPen Treatment, Case A Before rev SkinPen Treatment, Case A After rev

Photo shows results after 5 micro-melange peels.