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Cysts are a quirk of the human body. A cyst is a closed capsule that forms in the body, sometimes with no apparent cause. Other times, cysts form due to some kind of trauma or infection. Some of them are microscopic, and others grow so large that they push internal organs aside. We all get them, though many of them are never seen because they’re inside our bodies and are small enough not to cause any trouble. Sometimes, cysts grow on the skin or scalp, and that’s when they come to our attention.

Do I Need Treatment For My Skin Cyst?

Most of the time, skin cysts don’t need medical treatment. They can often be resolved by using a warm compress and keeping the area clean with soap and water. If you have a cyst that is sore or appears to be infected, that’s your cue to make an appointment to get it checked out as soon as possible. Allowing an infected skin cyst to go unchecked could result in scarring or, rarely, in an infection that could become more serious.

If your dermatologist determines that the cyst needs medical treatment, you have a few options, depending on the situation. The doctor may drain the cyst with a needle or a small scalpel incision, inject medicine into the cyst to reduce the swelling, or remove it with a laser or a scalpel.