Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are flaps of skin that hang by a thin piece of skin, like stalk. Although they’re harmless, skin tags can grow in clusters or become large enough to be unsightly. They also tend to grow in areas where they get caught in your hair or jewelry, yanked by your car’s seatbelts, or rubbed […]

Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia

What Is Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia? Sebaceous gland hyperplasia is a very common benign skin growth on the face that increase in number as we age. The growth is caused by an overabundance of sebaceous glands causing them to enlarge several times their normal size. Sebaceous hyperplasia can appear as a single bump or in a […]


A lipoma is a particular type of tumor that forms when a lump of fat grows in the soft tissue beneath the skin. They feel soft and almost rubbery and are normally painless. If you press on a lipoma with your finger, it will move easily underneath your skin. Most often, they appear on the […]


Cysts are a quirk of the human body. A cyst is a closed capsule that forms in the body, sometimes with no apparent cause. Other times, cysts form due to some kind of trauma or infection. Some of them are microscopic, and others grow so large that they push internal organs aside. We all get […]


What Are Angiomas? Angiomas are benign (non-cancerous) skin growths. They can appear anywhere on the body as raised, red circular lesions. There are two main types of angiomas: spider (mostly found in children), and cherry angiomas (usually present in adults over the age of 30). Angiomas typically do not go away on their own. Although […]

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer accounts for about 80 percent of all cancer cases in the United States, and it will affect about 20 percent of all Americans at some point in their lives. If caught and treated early, even melanoma, which is the most potentially deadly form of skin cancer, has about a 99 percent cure rate. […]