Skin Lymphomas

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Skin lymphomas are produced by a type of cancer that starts in the skin cells, unlike other forms of lymphoma, which begin in the immune system. Though skin lymphomas are relatively rare, it’s smart to be informed, pay attention to your skin, and get anything questionable checked out by a dermatologist promptly. As with any type of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment offer the best chances of a favorable outcome.

How Do I Know If I Have Skin Lymphomas?

If you know what early signs to look for and regularly examine your own skin, you may play a vital role in catching skin lymphomas early, getting an accurate diagnosis through your dermatologist, and getting started on treatment right away.

Papules – A papule is a tiny lesion that looks like a pimple. Obviously, we all have tiny pimples on our bodies from time to time, but if you notice large groupings of them, or papules that don’t go away, you may want to ask for a medical opinion.

Patches – Flat lesions, or patches of dry, red skin, are a common early sign of skin lymphomas called T-cell skin lymphomas. They’re also signs of a lot of other skin conditions that are much less serious, so don’t panic. Try using a good lotion for sensitive skin. If there’s no improvement, or if you find the patches thickening or hardening, don’t hesitate to visit your dermatologist for a diagnosis.

Nodules or Tumors – Whether they turn out to be skin lymphomas or not, any nodules or tumors you detect on your skin are worth having examined by your dermatologist as soon as possible. We always want to be on the safe side with health concerns!

Effective Treatment For Skin Lymphomas in Orlando

If you’re concerned about any bumps, patches, or lesions you’ve noticed on your skin, give Derrow Dermatology a call. We’ll schedule an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Amy Witt and learn what you’re really dealing with. Don’t panic: we’re here to give you accurate information and, if needed, successful treatment for skin lymphoma.

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