Pediatric Birthmarks

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Pediatric birthmarks are common and rarely affect a child’s health. Sometimes, though, a large or prominent birthmark can cause the child to feel self-conscious or affect self-confidence. Some birthmarks lighten or disappear over time; others may grow or deepen in color and affect deeper layers of the skin. In many cases, concerned parents choose to treat their child’s birthmark while the child is young.

How Will My Child’s Birthmark Be Treated?

The specific treatment plan your dermatologist recommends will depend on the type and placement of the birthmark, and your child’s specific skin type and health.

Hemangiomas are birthmarks caused by blood vessels that don’t form correctly, which medical professionals call vascular birthmarks. If additional blood vessels grow within the hemangioma, its appearance may become more noticeable, or it may cover a larger area of the skin. In cases where a hemangioma is located near the child’s eye or mouth, it could affect their vision or breathing. For this type of pediatric birthmark, your dermatologist may choose an oral medication to prevent new blood vessels from growing and shrink the existing ones. Because these birthmarks grow most aggressively during a child’s first year, it’s best to start treatment as soon as possible to get the best possible outcome.

Certain other types of birthmarks like port wine and strawberry marks, brown birthmarks like café au lait stains, and blue birthmarks caused by facial dermal melanocytosis are better treated with a specialized type of laser called a vascular or pulsed dye laser. This machine allows the dermatologist to remove the blood vessels or excess melanin that is causing the birthmark while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Patients may have a little bruising after treatment and might need more than one treatment, but overall, the procedures don’t hurt and require very little recovery time.

Safe, Effective Pediatric Birthmark Treatment In Orlando

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