Pediatric Acne

Established in 2008, Derrow Dermatology is committed to providing the highest standard of dermatological care in a convenient, state-of-the-art setting to patients of all ages.

Pediatric acne covers a wide range of patients, from infants with baby acne to children and pre-teens whose hormones and oil glands are causing skin problems for them. It’s important to recognize that babies and smaller children have especially sensitive skin and that their bodies absorb medication at a different rate than teens and adults, so it takes training and experience to know how to safely treat those young patients for pediatric acne!

Does My Child Need Pediatric Acne Treatment?

Many infants develop baby acne, and in many cases, it clears on its own with no lasting effects in a matter of months. Washing with gentle baby soap and drying lightly may help, and it’s a good idea to avoid getting oil or lotion on the baby’s face while they’re having issues with baby acne. Don’t apply any type of medicated remedy without talking to a doctor first. If your baby seems uncomfortable or distressed by acne, or if it hasn’t cleared on its own, it’s a good idea to visit a dermatologist who is experienced in working with infants, just to be on the safe side.

For children and pre-teens, you may need to closely supervise their daily skin care routine to make sure they’re using a gentle face wash correctly and thoroughly, not scrubbing too hard on delicate facial skin, and not tearing acne open, which can worsen the irritation and cause infection. Clean hands can also help promote clean facial skin, so encourage your child to wash their hands more often, so when they touch their face, they’re not making the acne worse. In many cases, thorough washing twice daily will clear the acne in a week or so, but if it doesn’t clear, make an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist to learn what other options may be appropriate for treating your child’s acne.

Safe, Gentle Pediatric Acne Treatment in Orlando

The team at Derrow Dermatology loves kids, and we’re highly experienced in providing even the youngest of patients with safe and gentle pediatric acne treatment. Our office and exam rooms are designed to be welcoming for children, with toys and books for all ages, and we keep lovable stuffed animals in our exam rooms. If you’re concerned about your child’s pediatric acne, give us a call. We’ll answer your questions and schedule an appointment for your child to visit with Dr. Amy Witt and her friendly team!