Atopic Dermatitis

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Are You or a Loved One Suffering From Unbearable Eczema Flare-Ups?
If so, you may have Atopic Dermatitis.

What is Atopic Dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a chronic condition that affects children and adults alike. Most patients experience flare-ups of varying severity throughout their lifetime. The condition is not contagious.

Eczema symptoms include:

  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Red or brown patches
  • Moderate to severe itching
  • Small raised bumps

Diagnosing atopic dermatitis is done in a short visit to your dermatologist’s office. Dr. Witt will perform a skin examination and talk to you about your family history. In rare instances, a patch test may be necessary to identify what may be triggering a flare-up.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

While there is no cure for atopic dermatitis, we are able to treat common symptoms and provide patients with relief. Some patients can keep eczema under control for upwards of several years with proper treatment.

At Derrow Dermatology, we provide several treatments based on your individual needs.

  • Topical Creams or Ointments
  • Oral Prednisone
  • Dupixent

Dr. Witt will also provide you with general skin care suggestions for preventing future flare-ups.