Does your child have eczema, psoriasis, warts, a birthmark, acne, or another skin condition? If so, it’s a good idea to take them to a pediatric dermatologist. A pediatric dermatologist is trained and experienced in treating a number of pediatric skin conditions and can help your child achieve optimal skin, hair, and nail health, regardless of their age. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from a pediatric dermatologist.

Pediatric Dermatology Maitland

Pediatric Dermatologist Training

After completing four years of medical school, dermatologists participate in a one-year internship and then a dermatology residency. It’s important to understand that while every dermatologist is trained in pediatric dermatology, not all dermatologists actually care for children. The dermatologists that complete a two-year fellowship in pediatric dermatology are the ones that exclusively treat children (and especially those who have severe genetic skin abnormalities).

At Derrow Dermatology, our general dermatologists have a special interest in pediatrics and are pleased to treat children in addition to adults. Our office is also designed with children in mind. When children visit us for all of their skincare needs, they can enjoy our playroom and stuffed animals as well as stickers at checkout.

What Do Pediatric Dermatologists Do?

The goal of pediatric dermatologists is to provide quality care and treatments for a wide variety of skin conditions from infancy to adulthood. You can count on a pediatric dermatologist to do the following:

  • Diagnose skin conditions such as eczema, pigmented birthmarks, warts, psoriasis, hemangiomas, hives, acne, viral exanthems and many more.
  • Provide medical treatments and prescribe medications for conditions that affect your child’s hair, skin, and nails.
  • Perform surgical treatments like biopsies and surgical removal of moles, cysts, and other skin lesions.

Pediatric Dermatology Consultations Available

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Where Do Pediatric Dermatologists Work?

Pediatric dermatologists can be found providing care in a number of medical settings such as children’s hospitals, community hospitals, and private practices. Here at Derrow Dermatology, we are pleased to have general dermatologists who are trained in providing quality care to children of all ages.

They understand that children are not adults and may not be able to explain how a skin, hair, or nail condition is bothering them. Therefore, pediatric dermatologists know how to be patient with children and ask them questions in a way that makes sense to them. They are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating a variety of skin conditions in children and know how to make them feel comfortable while at our office.

Both myself and my children have had wonderful experiences with Derrow Dermatology. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend them for the entire family.


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