If you’re bothered by stubborn fat bulges on your abdomen, thighs, and other areas of your body, CoolSculpting can come to the rescue. It’s a body contouring treatment that can give you the toned figure you’ve been dreaming of without any surgery or downtime. Since CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment, you may be wondering whether it comes with any side effects. Keep reading to find out.

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting works via cryolipolysis, a process that uses extreme cold to damage fat cells which can then be safely absorbed and naturally eliminated by your body. The most common CoolSculpting treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, flanks, lower back, and upper back. You can also use CoolSculpting to treat stubborn fat bulges on your upper arms. 

During the comfortable treatment session, you can listen to music, check your email, watch your favorite shows on Netflix or even nap. After one CoolSculpting treatment, you can enjoy a 25 to 30% reduction in fatty tissue. Since there are absolutely no needles or anesthesia involved, side effects are minimal.

While you may experience a bit of bruising, redness or swelling along the treated area, these side effects should quickly resolve. You may also notice some itching and tenderness which will also fade away on its own.

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CoolSculpting Results

CoolSculpting can stop your fat cells from regrowing, leading to long-lasting benefits. Despite this, it is possible for your surrounding fat cells to continue to expand. Therefore, we encourage you to continue healthy eating and regular exercise to maintain the beautiful body contours that CoolSculpting has helped you achieve.

Good Candidates for CoolSculpting

If you are struggling with isolated areas of fatty tissue, you may be a good candidate for CoolSculpting. You should be in good general health and have realistic expectations of results. Also, it’s important that you are at or near your ideal weight as CoolSculpting is fat reduction treatment rather than a weight loss treatment. If you end goal is weight loss, CoolSculpting is not a good option.

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