Derrow Dermatology has officially reopened and your safety is our top priority!

We want to assure our patients that we will be taking every precaution to maintain a safe, healthy environment in the days to come under the guidelines outlined by the American Academy of Dermatology and the CDC.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we institute these new policies and, as always, we are open to any feedback you may have so that we can improve the process in any way possible.  Our staff is working diligently to accommodate all the patient appointment requests and we are grateful to all of you for your loyalty and understanding.

What to Expect on Your Upcoming Visit

  • Derrow Dermatology will continue to keep the office safe, clean, and sanitized daily for our patients.
  • All Derrow Dermatology staff members in the office are required to always wear face masks and protective eye wear and use gloves when appropriate. ALL patients are also REQUIRED to wear a mask or face covering during their visit (including pediatric patients).
  • We will be seeing a limited number of patients as we reopen the practice and will continue to gradually increase appointment availability until it is deemed safe to return to our normal operations.  Patients that have an issue that does not require any kind of in office procedure will be told to schedule a Live Audio/Visual Telehealth visit. 

Our staff is working hard to accommodate everyone to get scheduled for their appointments. We appreciate your patience and understanding!


  • We have made numerous changes in our workflow to adhere to social distancing guidelines and ask that patients complete the patient portal BEFORE their scheduled appointment.  Instructions for logging into the patient portal and where to complete/submit the patient intake forms will be provided at the time you schedule your visit.  Please let our staff know if you do not have personal access to a computer.
  • We ask that all patients come to their appointments alone (except for parents accompanying their children or caregivers accompanying an adult when necessary).
  • When patients arrive at the office to check-in, a staff member will confirm that they have no current flu-like symptoms, loss of taste/smell and no history of recent COVID19 exposure. If patients answer yes to any of these conditions, they will be asked to leave the office immediately and we will happily reschedule their appointment for another time.  If patients answer no to both conditions, a staff member will take the patient’s temperature and guide them to the patient room available to wash their hands and change into a gown if necessary.
  • If you are over age 70 and/or are immunocompromised for any reason, we recommend postponing non-urgent full skin examinations or other elective follow-up visits until at least July or August.