It’s highly likely that you have a mole or several moles somewhere on your face or body. While most moles are harmless, some of them can be a sign of skin cancer. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the moles on your body and visit the dermatologist for annual skin exams.

In the event you or a dermatologist finds out your mole is atypical, you’ll likely need to have it removed. If you’re wondering whether mole removal is painful, keep reading.

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What is an Atypical Mole?

When a mole is normal, it ranges in color from pink to black. It’s symmetrical, meaning if you were to draw a line down the middle of it, both halves would look the same. In addition, it may be flat or raised.

An atypical mole, however, may be asymmetrical or feature notched or jagged edges. It may also irritate your skin and cause itching or bleeding. In addition, it may grow larger than a pencil eraser.

How Mole Removal Works

Your particular mole removal procedure will depend on the location of your mole and the classification of it. In most cases, a dermatologist will excise it with a scalpel. Sometimes, a more intensive technique may be required to reduce the risk of scarring. This is particularly the case if your atypical mole is located on your face.

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Since you’ll be given a local anesthetic before the procedure, you shouldn’t experience any pain or sharpness during mole removal. If you do, be sure to let your dermatologist know right away. After mole removal, you should expect some type of scar.

While the size of your scar will depend on the size of your mole and the type of procedure that was used to remove it, scarring is inevitable after mole removal. As the area heals, you shouldn’t experience any pain either. However, you may notice a bit of itching and soreness that will resolve on its own over time.

Although removing a mole may seem like an intense process, it’s actually a very straightforward, outpatient procedure that comes with virtually no downtime and has the potential to save you from skin cancer.

Six Doctors said a mole on my cheek was not a problem,Dr Derrow scheduled me for removal of the Melanoma, it took her just a few minutes to assess the situation and initiate corrective action.

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